Since 2006, the Skagerak Group led the way in the structural changes in the Danish pelagic industry, and Skagerak Pelagic A/S is a merger between Skagerak Fiskeeksport A/S, Unifish A/S, Essi Konsumfisk A/S and Erik Taabbel Fiskeeksport A/S. In spring 2011, the company also took over the assets of the former Pelagic Skagen A/S, including the new state-of-the-art factory.

The company’s history in the pelagic industry traces back to 1930 when Sigurd Espersen founded Skagerak Fiskeeksport A/S, and today Skagerak Pelagic A/S is the absolute market leader in the industry, both in Denmark and in Europe.

The shareholders of Skagerak Pelagic A/S are Skagerak Holding A/S (95%) and PKO Holding Skagen (5 %).