In 1930, Sigurd Espersen founded Skagerak Fiskeeksport A/S, which has today grown into a group of companies - the Skagerak Group.

From the beginning, the main activities were fishing and the processing of herring, and, as today, the domicile was Hirtshals – an important fishing port in the northern part of Denmark.

In the late 1960s, Sigurd Espersen’s two sons, Iver and Chris Espersen, took over the management, and after Chris Espersen passed away in 1998, Iver Espersen has been the managing director and the owner of the whole Skagerak Group.

In addition to the present herring activities, the various companies in the Skagerak Group have also been involved over the years in the processing of salmon, cod and black halibut; fish meal production; shipyarding; fishery with its own fleet of pelagic vessels.

A  recent change involved the sale of the fleet of pelagic fishing vessels and their quota rights in 2010/11 as part of a new strategy concentrating on the processing of pelagic fish and on other related business areas within the global seafood industry.

As a result of this sale, the Skagerak Group is now financially very strong, and we are always looking for new business potential.

The Skagerak Group remains a family-owned business, where quality in every possible sense - in terms of products, processes, delivery and service is given top priority, and where old virtues like trust and reliability, combined with continuous business development and innovation, will continue to be key elements in our relations with business partners.

Our aim is to stay in business for at least another century!

Mr. Sigurd Espersen
Founder of Skagerak Fiskeeksport A/S.